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Hargrave Yachts for Sale

Hargrave Yachts for sale

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A great yacht for sale to take a look at if you are looking for a custom yacht is HARGRAVE. All of their yachts are custom designed and custom built to the client's specification.

Every detail is customized, from the size and layout, to the power equipment and interiors. HARGRAVE offers a full line of custom yachts for sale between 70' to 130'. Having earned a reputation for excellent service, great quality, and design flexibility most clients are repeat customers, some of which are on their fourth new build!

Having over forty years of experience, HARGRAVE takes a client through a process that they call "Custom-Designed – Production Built." It is a cost effective program that involves designing a fully custom yacht as well as a fast track production building process which passes the saving along to the client. Each HARGRAVE is always built on time and budget, with any mistake being HARGRAVE'S and not the client's. Reselling or buying these customs yachts is not a problem. The manufacturers ability to design and build a custom yacht allows them to anticipate the design trends and equipment changes that will let you have the latest and the greatest when a HARGRAVE comes onto the market for sale. The resale value on these yachts exceed the general market and provide the highest return on investment in their market segment.

If you would like further information on Hargrave yachts please Contact Us for more information. We look forward to assisting you in purchasing a Hargrave yacht for sale.

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