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Port Hercules - Principality of Monaco
September 25 - 28, 2019

The 2019 Monaco Yacht Show will be from September 25th to September 28. Every year the Show has managed to surpass itself in excellence...
More Monaco Yacht Show information

Sterling Yachts Broker Report
147 Sterling Yachts Broker Report Matrix Rose
147 Sterling Yachts Broker Report Triumphant Lady

- The Tales of Two Sterling Yachts -

Broker Report Comparison of two Sterling Yachts- "Matrix Rose" and "Triumphant Lady".
Sterling Yachts Broker Report

2017 Palm Beach Boat Show
- 2017 Palm Beach Boat Show -

The 32nd annual Palm Beach Boat Show was here March 23 - 26, 2017. The Palm Beach Boat Show had a unique setup...
More Palm Beach Boat Show information

- Two New Listings for Sale -

1998/13 Trident Shipyards 127'
Jet Drive Luxury Motor Yacht
Motor Yacht for Sale
127' Trident Yacht for Sale
Four guest cabins, recent updates
to electronics and mechanical.
2002 Hatteras Sportfish 60'
Enclosed Flybridge Sportfisher
60 Hatt Sportfish for Sale
60' Hatteras for Sale
Great condition, easily seen.
Miami, Florida fishing machine.

103 Westport-Eagle DAUNTLESS Yacht Report
Yacht Report- 103' Westport/Eagle "DAUNTLESS"

Vince had the opportunity to inspect DAUNTLESS in Newport Beach. This design is very well suited for Pacific west coast cruising...
More 103' "DAUNTLESS" Yacht Report

111 Brooke Yachts KIRKLAND Yacht Report
Yacht Report- 111' Brooke Yachts "KIRKLAND"

I had the pleasure to revisit one of my favorite gentleman's Explorer Yacht in the anchorage during the Monaco Yacht Show. She was easy to spot as her regal looks shone over the many larger vessels in the area.
More 111' Brooke Yachts "KIRKLAND" Yacht Report


Port Hercules - Principality of Monaco
September 27 - 30, 2017

The 2017 Monaco Yacht Show was from September 27th to September 30. The show is set in the stunning Port Hercules...
More Monaco Yacht Show information

Yachts Miami Beach 2017
- Yachts Miami Beach 2017 -

The Yachts Miami Beach in Miami Beach and Watson Island has come and gone. New this year was paid admission at both locations.
More Yachts Miami Beach Boat Show information

2016 Fort Lauderdale Boat Show
- 2016 Fort Lauderdale Boat Show -

The Fort Lauderdale Boat Show was here November 3-7, 2016. The Boat Show hosts many large yachts...
More Fort Lauderdale Boat Show information

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