Large SWATH Motor Yacht "Susitna"

"Susitna" was built financed by the US Navy as a SWATH vessel...

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SWATH Yacht "Susitna" for Sale

SWATH for Sale

Builder: Alaska Ship and Drydock, LLC. Year: Mfg-2010
Length: 208' Beam: 60'
Draft: Max 15'4" Min 5.6" Staterooms: n/a
Hull: Steel Superstructure: Steel
Engines: 4xMTU Cruise at: 16+ Knots
Flag: n/a Class: ABS, ICE
Price: Inquire Location: Alaska, US

Susitna was built financed by the US Navy as a SWATH vessel capable of delivering personel and rolling equipment on a beach. Built at huge expense, Susitna is available today for a fraction of her original cost having the latest in techinical innovation.

Please Contact Us for more detailed information and to see this SWATH Vessel.

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